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Russell displays her charms while suggestively pointing a gun in George Hurrell’s 1942 photo promoting the actress. who organized the exhibition with photography curator Tim Wride. "They want that.

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Yet they are no less vital in the digital era. For every studio portrait photographer like George Hurrell, whose name is synonymous with Hollywood’s most enduring “glamour” images, there were dozens.

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Her latest music video presents Mitski in old-Hollywood mode, with gorgeous monochrome cinematography by Mia Cioffi Henry lavishing her with glamour in the mode of portrait photographer George Hurrell.

made famous by photographic masters such as George Hurrell, CS Bull, and Laszlo Willinger (just to name a few). And when it comes to examples of beauty and style, classic Hollywood glamour photography.

Clark Gable and Joan Crawford for Dancing Lady, 1933 by George Hurrell. Photo: John Kobal Foundation. an important and rare example of a female photographer working in Hollywood. For the exhibition.

George Hurrell was an American photographer best known for his portraits of Hollywood movie stars such as Joan Crawford and Marlene Dietrich. Hurrell’s style of lighting and composition enhanced the.

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Crawford: As a model, I think the most important thing is lighting, and Matthew is a master of lighting. [Photographer George] Hurrell had that beautiful, ultra-idealizing-of-the-subject kind of.

Mark A. Vieira’s collection of “George Hurrell’s Hollywood: Glamorous Portraits 1925-1992” (Running Press, 416 pages, $60) is by no means the first time that Hollywood archetypal glamour photographer.

‘OK, kid. Now look right here.’ In her foreword to this tribute to George Hurrell, the greatest movie-star photographer of Hollywood’s greatest era, Sharon Stone recalls a photo-shoot with him in.

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Try imitating their brush strokes or colors or compositions or subject matter. A personal influence of mine is the work of George Hurrell, Hollywood photographer from the 1930s and into the ’60s. That.

During the run of Something Truly Monstrous The Blank Theatre will be partnering with the George Hurrell Estate. Hurrell was a photographer who made a significant contribution to the image of glamour.

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George Hurrell’s portrait of actress Dorothy Lamour is part of. 11, from 6-8 p.m. Two exhibitions are open now: “Dickie Landry: Composer. Saxophonist. Photographer. Artist.” and “Sandro Miller –.

Long before she became a photographer in her own right and started collecting. In the PMA interview, she described seeing Max Yavno, George Hurrell and Edmund Teske when she was in the G. Ray.

I’d pick her up in the morning, and we’d have a Bloody Mary at her agent’s house, and then ver casually she’d say, “You should look at George Hurrell. He really understands large format photography.

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Andrew Sanderson examines the creative virtues of soft-focus photography A soft-focus effect is usually. Heinrich Kühn, Josef Sudek, George Hurrell, Margaret Watkins, and Anne Brigman. Even Edward.

On display in the museum’s upstairs gallery is an exhibition of photographs, mostly from the museum’s permanent collection, by noted Hollywood glamour photographer George Hurrell (1904–1992). Hurrell,

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But in the 1930s, when a young starlet wanted to boost her career by turning on the sex appeal, she knew whom to turn to: George Hurrell (1904-92). He pioneered a high-contrast, high-sheen.

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