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We can provide passport photos for countries from all around the world. We are listed by the Canadian embassy as a service provider for Canadian passport photos. This link provides Canadian passport information:.

25 Aug 2016. Want the perfect passport photo? This video provides great tips for both Canadians and photographers on how to take a proper photo for a Canadian passport.

FAST FOTO FILM LAB uses the latest technology and a digital passport camera for great photographic quality pictures. FAST FOTO FILM LAB will produce the correct size and composition photo for your United States and Canadian passports.

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We'll serve these services while you wait. US, Canadian Passport Photos and more. No appointment is required.

Most Requested Portrait Photo Formats. U.S. Passport. 2' x 2". International Passport: Canada, China, England, Australia, UK, Turkey, Japan, France, Italy, New Zealand, etc. Travel / Work Visas: U.S., Canada, EU / Schengen Visa Countries,

Canadian passport photo specifications: • Photo must be 50 mm wide X 70 mm high. • Be in color or black and white. • Taken with uniform lighting and not show shadows, glare or flash reflections. • Centered and taken straight on, with face and.

28 May 2019. Are you looking for a photographer for your Passport photo or PR photo for Canada in Pittsburgh? Jen Barker Worley Photography has been providing passport photos for Canada for years. We are experts so you don't have.

25 Jun 2019. Often times folks will come in and ask for a Canada Passport photo or "just a regular passport photo", not knowing that not all country's photos are alike. Some, such as Canada, have different requirements for all of their photos.

20 May 2019. MotoPhoto handles a variety of Photo ID needs. ID Photos don't take long – most passport photos are ready within 10 minutes (while you wait). Extra time is needed for Canadian Passport & Citizenship photos, infant/baby.

We offer passport photos as a walk-in service Monday-Saturday 9:30am-4:40pm. We will take your photo. For Canadian Passports, the back of the print must be signed by the studio with the name of the company, address and date taken.

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We recommend that you wear a different color top than the required background color for your country. (see specific country requirements). PASSPORT PHOTOS (ONE PAIR OR DIGITAL). U.S. $15.00. White background. Canada and E.U.

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