Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

This morning, Polaroid announced a new camera that stays true to the company’s history while introducing a modern twist. The Socialmatic Camera combines printing with online sharing in a classic.

The Polaroid Socialmatic instant camera utilizes an Android operating system, providing a familiar, easy to use interface and access to numerous creative capabilities and apps. Consumers can use.

The days of shaking a Polaroid picture as it develops are long gone, but the camera and film company itself is continuing to modernize. The company officially unveiled its Polaroid Socialmatic camera.

If you’re into unique, somewhat novelty gadgets and also taking pictures, ADR Studios’ concept Instagram Socialmatic Camera seems like it’s your. concept would print out the pictures, like a.

I use Instagram all the time, and I’m not the only one. This is one of the reasons why ADR-Studio came up with this unusual concept gadget, the Instagram Socialmatic Camera. It reminds me of a.

Polaroid announced the Polaroid Socialmatic instant camera today, which came as a result of an agreement between C&A Licensing LLC and Socialmatic LLC. The Polaroid Socialmatic instant camera blends.

The Polaroid instant camera is an icon, and one that has taken up where it left off, with this new high-tech development. Welcome the New Polaroid Socialmatic, a cool concept gadget that has become.

Polaroid is now shipping the Polaroid Socialmatic instant digital camera, which will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show starting tomorrow. Designed by Socialmatic and manufactured by.

Back in 2013, we talked a bit about a camera called the Socialmatic that was going from concept to reality. Fast-forward over a year and Polaroid has announced that the Socialmatic camera will be on.

C&A Licensing and Socialmatic have signed an agreement through which the Polaroid Socialmatic instant camera will be produced and brought to market in 2014. Billed as a "unique blend of the old and.

Polaroid Socialmatic instant digital camera features : The Polaroid Socialmatic camera bridges instant photo printing and digital photo sharing via an enhanced portfolio of features designed around.

Last May, we heard about a concept camera known as the Socialmatic, which was envisioned as being a Polaroid-style camera that would produce physical prints of Instagram-treated snapshots. Although no.

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The finished device on show this week at the International CES sees Polaroid go back to its roots. Potentially the perfect hipster camera, in that it marries cutting-edge technology with other tech.

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The Socialmatic, a camera inspired by Instagram that can print filtered photos, will be decked out in Polaroid livery when it’s released in 2014. The concept for Socialmatic has been around since 2012.

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The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera (SMTP01) is a large square digital camera with built-in Zink instant printer and runs Android with a 4.5-inch touch-screen on the back. Users of the camera have been.

Polaroid has been teasing us with the release of its Socialmatic camera for a while now, and after some delays it is finally shipping. We got our hands on the company’s big square Android-based.

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I think this Gawker commenter sums it up about as best as this announcement for the new “Polaroid Socialmatic Camera” can be summed up: “So a company that discontinued its iconic cameras/film saw that.

LAS VEGAS – Polaroid today announced an agreement that should allow the Polaroid Socialmatic camera, being featured at CES, to come to market this year. According to Polaroid, the Socialmatic camera.

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